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Let's look at some of the many features that are built-in to this pre-configured blog website:

This website is built on a full version of Drupal, allowing you unlimited potential for growth and configuration of the website. Some of the biggest sites on the web use Drupal for its flexibility and power. Drupal is open-source software, so you are free to use and re-use the software that powers your website without concern for subscriptions or license fees. Many features that make the website powerful and easy to use are built right in to Drupal core. Many features have been added for you through Drupal add-on modules. There are over 20,000 modules available that extend the power of Drupal and more than 25,000 developers around the world working on improving the Drupal framework, so you can trust that the website you build today will be able to keep pace with the changing web of tomorrow. The day to day management of the site will be in your hands. When you are ready to make major changes to your website or add features, we and thousands of Drupal Site Builders will be here to help.

When you first look at the Sapiotech Base Site - Blog website (without logging in), you will see an example of what your readers will see when they visit your blog. After you log in to the site, additional options will be added to the layout that will give you access to perform updates and maintenance to the site. We have configured two user accounts for you that have different access privleges. When you want to publish a new blog post or edit an existing one, you would want to log in as 'editor', or another account that you create with similar privleges. The 'editor' account has the ability to handle blog posts well, but doesn't have the power to break the site. When you want to change some of the underlying settings that define how the site works, you would log in with the 'blog_admin' account. This account has the power to change everything about the look and function of your website. Use it carefully! The 'blog_admin' account has the power to break things if you make changes without understanding what you are doing. We recommend that you use the administrator account to set up your website while following directions in the "Setting Up Your Website" post, but use the 'editor' or another account to write and manage your blog most of the time.

The Sapiotech Base Site - Blog comes configured with a powerful "mobile-first" adaptive theme using Adaptive Theme. The theme is the part of a Drupal website that defines how the site will look to viewers, including the layout, the fonts and the colors of text and backgrounds. All of those details can be changed to suit your style by editing the themes style sheet definitions, if you know how to use CSS. Adaptive Theme goes further by changing the layout that is presented to viewers on the fly, based on the screen size of the device they are using. This give you an "out of the box" solution to making your website accessible to smart phones, tablets and wide screen desktop computers.


Drupal Administrative Guide: http://drupal.org/getting-started/7/admin